Today sucked.

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It’s been a year. One year. A full year. 365 days. 8,760 hours. 525,600 minutes.
It’s like something snaps inside of you and you wonder if it will ever come back again. But I’ve given up hope after a year.

Aaaaaand another appointment tomorrow. I can see tomorrow night consisting of “Coexist”, fruit tea and a lot of tears.

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Just went through the Espeon/Eevee tag and there is too much fanart that is NSFW

I don’t want Pokemon porn in my head ;_____; 

I feel all soppy and sleepy cause I had an anti-histamine earlier and it’s knocked me on my butt.
But boys’ sweatshirts that smell exactly like them are the best thing ever ever ever, the only thing that  could top that is having said boy who owns the sweatshirt here with me <3 

I’m in my happy place, my room with fresh bedsheets, vanilla candles, caramel coffee and listening to Feist. :)


Dylan’s parents took me to the Fringe along with him and Sophie since I’ve never been before. It was so gid, I’ve been to Edinburgh about 3 times in my whole life so seeing all the little shops was good and half of them are ADORABLE. Seeing street performers was really good as well even though I didn’t see any shows. There were two little Japanese guys who were funny and sooooooo cute. :)))

Watching “Don’t Tell The Bride”

Would I FUCK go on that, it’s MY wedding and I’m a princess for a day and no stupid boy is ruining it

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Creating a moodboard

Am I doing this

To myself 

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